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Anti Wrinkle Treatment Manchester

Lip Fillers | Results


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment | Results


‘Laughter Line’ Anti-Wrinkle Treatment | Results

Craig Laughter Line

Anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

Pauline Smith is a fully-qualified Registered General Nurse, with an NDN [National Certificate in District Nursing]. She has diverse qualifications in  the field including Family Planning Nurse, Nurse Teacher, Aesthetic Practitoner and Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Prior to aesthetics, Pauline worked in Senior Management, and at the Department of Health. Pauline’s training in aesthetics happened at a top Harley Street Clinic.

Pauline has had 10 years experience in the aesthetics industry. Her aim is to provide a highly professional, individualised, personalised and safe service at all times.

Where treatments are appropriate, Pauline affordably offers line-relaxing injections and dermal fillers as options to her clients.

Pauline Smith ensures that she provides the highest standards of nursing care, a professional service tailored to the patients needs and concerns. Ensuring to conduct  confidential no obligation consultations which lead to premium patient results and their complete satisfaction.

Pauline provides consultations where solutions for male and female solutions for anti wrinkle treatments, and excessive sweating treatment can be carried out.