Susie - MHR Clinic
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About This Treatment

Once I made the decision to proceed I was booked in and I can’t even begin to explain how thoroughly happy I am with the outcome.

I met Craig in August 2015 through a mutual friend who had recommended his clinic to me. I’d been considering lip fillers for some time as I’d always been conscious that my top lip was thinner than my bottom lip, however I’d never had any form of treatment before so I was dubious. 

Craig was incredibly supportive and extremely knowledgable in the treatment. He explained everything to me from the procedure itself to prices and also showed me some before and after pictures from other patients. He then recommended that I also meet the trained nurse so that she could discuss the products she uses in more detail. 

My confidence has been given the boost it needed. Thank you so much Craig and MHR. I’ll be back for my top up in 6 months! 

– Susie

Lip Fillers