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FUE hair transplants Manchester

02 Mar FUE hair transplants Manchester

Through our group of clinics we offer cutting edge Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants for both women and men. Consultations for hair retention and restoration programmes can be found at our professional centre in Manchester, nevertheless, we offer hair transplant consultation services across our UK, and European network of hair treatment centers.

The hair Treatment clinic uses only the most advanced and scientifically proven techniques to provide you with the hair you deserve. Advantages of which include:

  • FUE transplant procedures are performed under a local anaesthetic, meaning patients can watch TV or even sleep during the process, and no risks that general anaesthetic operations can carry.
  • Thanks to our expert surgeons as well as advanced techniques, the outcome of the process appears completely natural, and minimally invasive.
  • Unlike with traditional techniques such as “strip surgery” or “FUT,” minimal scar tissue is left following treatment.
  • As no stitches are needed the downtime is very minimal.
  • Once the remedy is fully complete it is possible to grow and style your own hair as you wish, either long or short.
  • With this specially formulated following care service the outcomes is long term.


What is the FUE procedure?

FUE  treatment enables individual hairs or ‘grafts’ of (roots grow in clusters of 1-4 hairs usually) to become taken from stronger and more resiliant roots on the back and sides of the patients head, and implantedin to the scalp to produce new hair that will grow naturally.

During the procedures patients are given local anaesthetic, then they can relax with a movie or book as the procedure is completed. The donor areas combined with the area to be treated get shaven in preparation to transport hairs into position. Depending on the amount of grafts required the therapy time will be a maximum of seven or eight hours in one day (with breaks).

Our highly skilled surgeons can also extract and implant smaller procedures from longer and unshaven areas.

Unlike with older types of treatment such as FUT the individual will be left with virtually no scars as the actual hair follicles are merely removed individually. Once the hair treatment patients can continue with their day. In the following days the scalp will have to be cleaned gently however there is very little treatment needed in recovery, unlike tradition treatments patients are not required to wear bandages.

Post-treatment the transplanted hairs usually fall out after a month to two and which, will in turn, allow the new hairs to develop naturally once the roots pass their ‘dormancy’ phase and find their blood circulation needed. Patients will be asked to attend regular reviews over the following year using the consultant to monitor progress and supply any feedback. The outcome of the process will leave patients using their own natural hair that will grow as normal and may be treated as a result. Once the following care period is be completed patients won’t be required to perform anything different leaving them to just enjoy the confidence a full head of hair brings.

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