FUE Hair Treatment Manchester - MHR Clinic
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FUE Hair Treatment Manchester

FUE Hair Treatment

Both shaven and non shaven programmes for the best results using our highly skilled doctors, headed up by Dr Ionnis Marmagiolis M.D. in Ireland. Backed up by his team of specially selected nurses to give the most pleasurable and professional experience, using the most minimally invasive techniques to create the best results possibly in Europe and perhaps even the world. Unlike most other hair implant clinics, we are so confident that we guarantee the results!


Fue Hair Treatment

Today there are two primary options for hair implants

At MHR, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are exclusively affiliated with a carefully selected team of surgeons who provide the best results in FUE with single, double, and triple hair implants. Trained only to the highest standard, to provide the best yield and outcome for the individual required. This is vital when it is already a limited number of donors that each individual has to start with, so every hair counts.


You come first!


This is what we don’t do; FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) – where a strip is extracted from the back and then dissected into grafts, and inserted into the required areas, however even when performed well will leave a linear scar at the back of the scalp.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – This was first introduced and performed successfully in late 1989, but it was not until the late 90’s it provided a good yield as techniques advanced. Single ‘grafts’ are extracted by firstly below 1mm in diameter are extracted to contain one, two, three and very rarely four hairs.In 2008, robotic techniques were also introduced to speed up the process of extracting single roots or ‘grafts’ from suitable donor hair at the back and sides of the scalp. This is conducted under local anesthetic, so much safer and easier to perform and also meaning recovery time is greatly reduced.


FUE creates much less bleeding and the Healing process is much quicker and less invasive than with the older FUT method. This therefore leaves minimal scarring. The process with FUE is much more time consuming and requires far more skill than that of FUT, therefore meaning it is more expensive, but FUE gives an overall better result. If the FUE process is not performed to the correct level of skill and care as it should be, it can cause damage or a high transection of the follicles (where the follicles are split.


Removal of scarring and correctional work – In many cases, providing there a blood supply in the scar, or if the client has spare donors left, if the scar is a result of FUT, correctional work can be carried out to fill in the area and improve the visual effect.

Introducing Ioannis

Doctor Ioannis Marmagiolis MD is the FUE Hair Transplant doctor at MHR Clinic. Based in our Ireland treatment centre, Ioannis has more than 10 years experience in hair restoration, and has performed more than 2,300 FUE procedures.

Having held the title of Medical Director at multiple prestigious clinics, Ioannis is one of a very small number of doctors able to perform U-FUE in Europe.

Highly renowned and with many high profile clients and celebrities, including well known sports personalities, Ioannis has a reputation in the industry as a perfectionist and for creating natural results. He is committed to treating every client as a VIP.