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Stress Related Hair Loss

04 May Stress Related Hair Loss

hair restoration manchesterThere are many different factors that can cause you to lose your hair and each of which can cause you to lose your hair at different rates. Popular believe is that hair loss is a genetic condition however this isn’t always the case. Many people in their early 20s can lose their hair much quicker than expected. However one of the most common reasons for losing your hair is stress.

A study living in busy cities such as London and Manchester can cause more stress and as a result higher rates of hair loss. In the UK the number of recorded work related stress, depression and anxiety was at 44,000 cases in 2015. Reportedly London commuters suffer more stress than any other European city.

Stress and Hair Loss

There is several different types of hair loss and some may require more attention than others. Telogen Effluvium is the main type of hair loss associated to stress and as such is also one of the most common forms of hair loss. However this type of hair loss may not be permanent.

When a person experiences a great deal of stress it can cause hair follicles to cease growth to become dormant. The then dormant hair can then take 2-3 months to fall out. This can continue happen as long as a person is stressed. However the good news is that if the stress is reduced then persons hair follicles will continue hair growth as normal and hair can return within as short a time as 6-9 months.

Hair Restoration Manchester

If you have experienced hair loss in the last 3 month from what you believe to be stress the safest way to find out would be to book a free consultation with a member of our team you can give you extensive analysis on your hair growth and the right course of action or treatment. Our team of expert have extensive experience in FUE hair transplant, hair transplant Manchester and hair loss restoration.

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