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Michael Lumb

Michael Lumb

Former England cricketer

When hair loss started to set in for Michael, he entrusted MHR Clinic to help put things right – and we’re delighted with the results.

Michael’s results were achieved through a bespoke hair restoration plan which involved FUE transplant, low level laser therapy, prescription and herbal medication.

Michael Lumb - Portrait
Michael Lumb - Profile

Michael’s Testimonial

“Hair loss can be a sensitive topic, for men and women alike, but it really doesn’t have to be!”

“The decision to take some action was a simple one for me. Working with the MHR team has been an absolute pleasure. From my first consultation all the way through to the treatment, Craig and his team have been unbelievable. Nothing is ever too much trouble, they have made the process as simple and as trouble free as possible.”

“I was amazed how easy the whole process has been. The results speak for themselves and I am so happy I took action. I would recommend MHR Clinic to anybody who is concerned about their hair. I am proud to have become a member of the MHR team – and more importantly, one of their success stories.”