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Low Level Laser Therapy, Specialised Prescription Medication
About This Treatment

The results here are a combination of specific and safe low level laser light with bespoke products to enhance the overall results over a period of over 12 months in this case (very often less and sometimes slightly longer required depending on the individuals response). The crown was never going to fill in fully as too thin from the start, although it did thicken three or four thicker than it was at the start of the course as you can clearly see. Therefore, the quicker you combat the thinning, the more likely and the better the results will be!

This held very well for several years, but as the crown then thinned over years, it then became more suitable for FUE surgery, using our very own extremely highly trained and experienced hair implant surgeon, Dr Ionnis Marmangiollis, probably the best FUE surgeon in Europe!