Michael Vaughan OBE - MHR Clinic
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Michael Vaughan OBE

About This Treatment

Michael Vaughan OBE – Sports commentator & ex-England cricket skipper

Progress photos 4 months from the start of a Low Level Laser Therapy treatment with a bespoke combination of prescribed products and a herbal range to stabilise existing thinning hair, and to complement a series of FUE single hair implants placed predominantly on the crown, as well as where there was existing growth thin enough to allow more on the front hairline.

Having had a fantastic response to both the FUE procedure and laser combination treatment, Michael has clearly been able to show his results. This is now only continuing to improve and thicken up.

His treatment following the FUE procedure is to simply apply our bespoke prescribed lotions and herbal range of products, whilst attending the clinic every fortnight for a Low Level Laser Therapy session for 20-40 minutes.

Crown FUE Implants, FUE Single Hair/Graft Implants, Low Level Laser Therapy, Specialised Prescription Medication