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How low level laser therapy brings the best out of Finasteride

21 Mar How low level laser therapy brings the best out of Finasteride

WHEN President Donald Trump climbed the steps to Air Force One last month the blustering wind revealed more than a significant amount of hair loss on the back of his head.

Coverage that followed in the media divulged how his first wife swore under oath he underwent painful scalp reduction surgery in 1989. Journalists also alleged that Trump uses the prescription pharmaceutical Finasteride to promote hair growth.

But while scalp reduction surgery was made history with the advent of far less invasive hair transplants, Finasteride can still play a critical role in generating healthy hair in men.

The MHRA-approved drug reduces levels of a specific type of testosterone that causes balding. Taking the drug not only halts hair loss but helps cultivate stronger hair roots as well as thicker and healthier hair shafts.

MHR Clinic often recommends the use of Finasteride. The medication has few if no side effects. And when coupled with low level laser therapy it can produce extremely positive results that eliminate the need for a hair transplant. The combination is highly effective.

Low level laser therapy is proven to increase blood circulation and cellular activity, which encourages thickening of the hair. Clients who opt for laser therapy will typically spend between 20 and 50 minutes under our class 2a and 3a laser lights twice a month – for six to 12 months.

And as you can see from these photos of some of them who choose this hair restoration method, the results are extraordinary.

The mix of prescription medication and laser therapy helps many men regain a sufficient level of hair growth to completely ease their concerns. And used in conjunction with a FUE hair transplant the use of Finasteride and low level laser therapy can result in the return of a full head of hair.

Our consultation process identifies the best restoration programme for each client. And many are more than satisfied by the results they see from a mix of meds and low level laser therapy only.

Which leaves a question remaining… does Donald Trump combine Finasteride with low level laser therapy?

From what we’ve seen recently, we’d have to guess, ‘no’.

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