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quote_2I met Craig back in 2009, for many years he has supported me with various treatments to support hair restoration. More recently I have had an FUE procedure to support growth around my temples. I can’t rate Craig highly enough, the surgery is excellent and the physicians are some of the best in the world. With anything like this I do a lot of research, and the surgeons he uses are some of the best.
I have seen others who have used the strip technique and the results are far inferior than my own.
As for Craig himself, he is highly motivated and always on hand to give you the best service. He takes calls and text messages any time of day and is always quick to respond. He gives you comfort in an area of surgery that has been mis managed for decades. I would only use Craig and his team and can only recommend.

ANONYMOUS, Manchester

quote_2May I say how pleased I was with MHR, you were very professional and put me at ease with the whole consultation process, the surgeon, nurse and staff were fantastic and as you can see from the results they did a great job, in all honesty I cannot recall having any pain problems during the procedure.
I would recommend anyone thinking of having a transplant to get on with it and not waste any more time looking in the mirror at what they used to have and feel good again!

Finally I would recommend MHR to anyone thinking of this procedure, please see results so far another twelve months I’ll look like Elvis!
Kind regards,

quote_2After researching numerous companies I spoke to Craig on the phone and decided to visit MHR for an initial assessment. Craig’s knowledge made the whole process a lot easier to understand and within 30 minutes I knew which treatment I needed along with how the laser combination therapy and potentially FUE hair implants would work and why each of the oral and topical supplements had been prescribed.

One week later I was back at MHR for my first laser appointment, having the flexibility to pick different appointment times along with fortnightly visits means I get the best results from the treatment without having to alter my diary week to week. The 40 minute treatments fly by with the option to read a book or watch TV in a comfortable environment.

Four months into my laser treatment combined with oral supplements and I’m already seeing great results as my hair has thickened at the front and on my crown, this was visible from the before and after photos and was also recognised by family members, some of whom don’t know I’m having the treatment.

For anyone considering hair restoration treatments I would definitely recommend giving Craig a call and booking an assessment.

Robert S.

quote_2Since 24, I watched my hair disappear starting from my crown and then my hair line started to recede . As you can imagine from that age it’s hard to take . Initially my first course of action was to wear a hair system , this initially was a great alternative but still I couldn’t always 100% engage in sports and relax fully. After some research into FUE hair transplants and from contacting Craig Henton who met whilst researching through a competitor I knew my mind had been made up . Craig explained everything in the finest detail , reiterating expectations and realities , reassuring along the way and always at the end of an email to answer any queries or concerns . My decision was made and I underwent surgery at MHR, their surgeon Dr John performed the procedure. He was hugely professional as was the whole team. The procedure was painless and comfortable from start to finish . My procedure was carried out in Summer 2015 having 4800 grafts to create a new hair line and thicken my frontal hair and only after 2 weeks I could see massive results ! Now only months after my surgery, I have regained some of that youthful character I possessed when I was in my early 20’s before my pattern hair loss started. It is still early days after my FUE surgery with MHR, and I am excited with how much more hair I will grow.

It is a great feeling when people tell me how much more younger I look with my hair restored. What really impressed me with the surgery was how easy it was to do. I wear my hair short, if I had the Strip procedure I would always worry about people looking at a scar on the back of my head. I plan on having my second procedure for my crown and again to thicken even more frontal hair I’m booked in for February 2016 ,” I can’t wait.”To anyone considering the services of Craig Henton and everyone involved at MHR, you have made one of the best choices of your life.

Paul H


Once I made the decision to proceed I was booked in and I can’t even begin to explain how thoroughly happy I am with the outcome.

I met Craig in August 2015 through a mutual friend who had recommended his clinic to me. I’d been considering lip fillers for some time as I’d always been conscious that my top lip was thinner than my bottom lip, however I’d never had any form of treatment before so I was dubious.

Craig was incredibly supportive and extremely knowledgable in the treatment. He explained everything to me from the procedure itself to prices and also showed me some before and after pictures from other patients. He then recommended that I also meet the trained nurse so that she could discuss the products she uses in more detail.

My confidence has been given the boost it needed. Thank you so much Craig and MHR. I’ll be back for my top up in 6 months!


Adam’s Testimonial

quote_2When I met Craig, he filled me with confidence from the start, there was no hard sell just sound advice.

I decided to take an opportunity to have my first hair surgery. I was obviously nervous and a bit apprehensive at first but the entire process was expertly laid out and talked through with me which filled me with confidence that I was in good hands with MHR.

The procedure itself was nowhere near as scary or as daunting as I had imagined, I was back home the same evening. My hair healed in under 2 weeks and it was not at all obvious I had anything done, I returned back to work almost immediately.

Over the course of the following months, i have seen my hairline come through, its quite incredible. It was always a huge issue for me, I was always without fail conscious of my hair. I rarely think about it now which I think is a huge testament to the quality of the procedure. I would say my self-confidence has most definitely improved. I would, and have recommended Craig and MHR to anyone who feels in a similar way about their hair to the way I did.

I keep up a good relationship with them now and they continue to be there for me and support me with products and maintenance of my hair.


Adam’s Before & After

Before & After Hair Replacementa
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David’s Testimonial


I didn’t think it would possible to get my hair back, let alone be so easy – until I spoke to Craig at MHR.

I started losing my hair a few years ago, but didn’t do anything about it at first. After hearing about MHR, I visited Craig who is also the consultant for Ryan Giggs and Michael Vaughan and he advised me to start a course of specialised laser and bespoke medication. Within only a few months my hair became noticeably thicker especially in the thinner areas.

Although extremely happy with the results I had already lost my frontal hair line before I started laser treatment and the only way to get this back was a transplant. “I had been advised already that the laser and medication was to help to stabilise the existing hairs, and so needing implants on my hairline, these would work together in harmony to give a better effect. I didn’t want to have visible scarring from treatment so the FUE technique that Craig advised through their head surgeon gave fantastic natural results.

I haven’t looked back since, I now have my hairline back along with more volume on top from the laser treatment. It has turned out to be the best decision I have made when it comes to my appearance. Having the treatment was a personal decision and was about how I felt inside and out. I now feel much better about myself and am delighted with the way my hair looks and the process is second to none.

From a discreet, knowledgeable and understanding consultation with Craig in a very easy to get to location in Cheshire I felt and still do that I was in the best of hands from day one.


David’s Before & After

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Testimonial (Anonymous)


‘I first had treatment with a competitor. My results with them were okay at best. I wasn’t totally unhappy with it, but I wasn’t made aware that using a higher grade of products would maximise my results. This meant my hair didn’t thicken enough or hold, and ended up thinned again after just a year.

Now, after using the more advanced bespoke products created by MHR Clinic, in only 6 months I have had a great improvement again.”



A note from Craig Henton, MD of MHR Clinic:

“We are competitively priced – even though we use more expensive medications and treatments. We do this because we believe that results are more important than profit. Never forget – ‘The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten’.”

Before & After

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