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SPENCER MORGAN has had a hair transplant to escape the unfair abuse he suffers when he appears in his famous dad’s social posts.

The 29-year-old says outspoken dad Piers receives so much hate from online trolls that when the TV star posts photos with his son it triggers a torrent of abuse aimed at him too.

Mild-mannered Spencer is so sick of his dad’s haters making cheap shots about his receding hairline that he went to hair transplant specialists MHR Clinic for FUE surgery (on January 14th 2022).

The popular socialite, who has his own presence and following on social media, is now hoping his new hairline will help him swerve the flak he and his brothers get when they feature in Piers’ posts.

Spencer explained to staff at MHR Clinic: “My dad is by far the most prolific of all of us on social media. He literally posts all the time, and he likes to post pictures with his sons – when we’re on holiday, out for dinner. That sort of stuff.

“I know when a picture of me makes my hairline look particularly bad, and ones when I think it looks alright. If it looks bad in one of my dad’s posts, the comments will come.”

“They’ll be like, ‘Christ, your son’s losing his hair quicker than you,’ or, ‘Your son is going bald’.” 

“Dad is so used to getting abuse that he doesn’t understand why we would even care. He’s reached the stage where he really doesn’t care. He knows he’s going to get abuse, no matter what it is.

“Whereas, we’re like, ‘But, no, if you put that picture up, they’re going to say that about us, so can we make sure it’s a good one?’

“If he’s going to post a photo of us, then we need to make sure there isn’t that point of weakness, because otherwise the comments will just be full of it. Hair could be one of them.

“You’ve got to make sure every part of the photo is perfect, or they come for you. That’s how I see it.”

Recalling another incident when a seemingly innocuous family post sent Piers’ haters into a frenzy, Spencer told MHR Clinic: “My dad put a Christmas Day photo up, two years ago, of me and my brothers with him in Sussex.

“My little brother was wearing these white Nike Air Force shoes. They were really old and beaten up. Those shoes went viral for four days with people saying, ‘Piers Morgan can’t even buy his son new shoes.’ 

“My brother is shy and was so upset, but that’s an example of how these people analyse his photos.”

Spencer, who is Piers’ eldest son and close to his dad, described the moment he said he was going to get a hair transplant.

He told MHR Clinic: “His first response was, ‘Why do you need a hair transplant?’ I tried to explain, but he was like, ‘I still don’t really get it,’ but he doesn’t think like that. Maybe it’s an age thing, or a social media thing as well.

“His approach to social media is, I guess, more work-related. Whereas, mine’s more socially related, I guess you could say. You want your hair to be as good as it can be.”

Spencer has been undergoing a medical programme prescribed by MHR Clinic, to stabilise his hair for surgery.

He uses Finasteride medication, Minoxidil lotion, low level laser therapy and a course of specialist herbal and vitamin supplements to prepare him for his FUE procedure at MHR’s Manchester clinic. 

Ahead of his surgery, he explained to MHR Clinic surgeons: “I’ve been receding for three or four years. For a few years, friends have said, ‘Oh, you’re receding’. I really didn’t know what they were talking about. It didn’t faze me at all.

“Two years ago maybe, I started to get a lot more replies to pictures on Twitter from random people. You put a photo up and you get five people straight away being like, ‘Jesus, you’re receding, lad.’ 

“Once I started getting comments, then I noticed what they were talking about. Then I actually saw the change in it, like receding quite greatly.

“It’s one of those things that when someone does point it out to you, you can’t really unsee it. 

“I honestly could see like a difference every 10 days. That’s when you start looking online, about when you should do it, and people are like, ‘You should definitely attack it early on.’

“With the medication, the main thing is just it stopped getting worse and I’ve noticed it starting to become thicker.

Of his decision to have hair transplant surgery, he added: “These days, there’s no stigma around hair transplants. So, it’s basically like, ‘do I want a better hairline?’ Yes. Most people my age do.”