Feel the Care in Your Hair

Our specialists seek to solve your hair loss problems with the best hair restoration process for you. Not every client we see requires a hair transplant. Many recover a full head of hair through a combination of prescription medicine, low-level laser therapy and organic herbal supplements.

At MHR Clinic we take care to ensure our attention remains on your results and your satisfaction, irrespective of the different treatments we provide. We know that client focus and professionalism ensures we remain one of the best hair restoration clinics in the world. You’ll find our clinics accommodating and meticulous in their approach to your hair loss. You’ll see the latest technology and techniques in practice when you visit.

MHR Clinic offers superior hair transplants with guaranteed results achieved by world-renowned surgeons who have performed thousands of transplant procedures – every one successful. Staff in our clinics are at hand to monitor and advise you about ongoing medical hair treatments, while our laser therapy chairs provide hair enrichment for hundreds of patients every month. All of our hair restoration services are available at affordable prices that include exemplary client care before, during and after your treatment.

Our experts are waiting to help you.

MHR Clinic on the Tatton Estate

MHR Clinic, 2 The Barn, Cherry Tree Farm, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA14 3RZ
Our Cherry Tree Farm clinic enjoys the privacy and tranquillity of Cheshire’s famous Tatton Estate. It’s semi-rural setting amid rolling green fields is served by the nearby M56 motorway and offers the calming environment you need to choose the best hair restoration treatments for you. Inside the modernised farmstead, you’ll find our state-of-the-art clinic provides a perfect blend of clinical technology, comfort and care.

MHR Clinic on the Harewood Estate

MHR Clinic, 11B The Arch Barn 1, Estate Yard, Harewood, Leeds, LS17 9LF
Our Harewood Yard clinic is one of a select few businesses to operate within the grounds of magnificent Harewood House. Tucked behind a tall treeline at the heart of the Earl and Countess’ estate our modern medical facility affords you an unmatched level of confidentiality. Its immaculate design is perfectly at home in the pristine estate, a short drive from the A61 route between Harrogate and Leeds.


Craig Henton, Founder and CEO

Craig Henton is one of the hair transplant industry’s most respected and experienced professionals.
Craig has spent over 20 years pioneering the industry’s breakthrough technologies, techniques and treatments. He is an expert in medically-proven procedures and products including FUE and FUT surgery, low level laser therapy and prescription medicines. His high level understanding of how to combine treatments for optimum results in each patient is seldom equalled in his specialist line of work. Throughout his career Craig has been responsible for thousands of clients who have successfully restored their hair with his guidance.
In 2016 and in partnership with two high profile clients, Ryan Giggs OBE and Michael Vaughan OBE, he set up MHR Clinic to use his knowledge, ability and position of expertise to introduce the UK’s most exclusive and confidential approach to resolving hair loss.

Vikas Kunnure Hair TransplantDr. Vikas Kunnure ISHRS BAHRS GMC GP, FUE surgeon

Dr. Vikas Kunnure is an internationally recognised hair transplant surgeon with an extensive medical career. He has performed more than a thousand successful hair transplant procedures as a respected medical member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) and the General Medical Council (GMC). Also registered with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Kunnure trained in hair transplantation in the United States. Prior to his surgical career, Vikas worked as a GP in the UK for 11 years. He was also a Medical Registrar at St. George’s University Hospital, London and Senior House Officer at Ashford Hospital, Middlesex. Dr. Kunnure is kind and considerate, and his skills in FUE and FUT hair transplants rank among the best in the UK.



Dr Kamran Abbas MB ChB FRCA,
General Practitioner

Dr Kamran Abbas is an anaesthetist and hospital consultant with more than 25 years of experience in medicine. He has specific expertise in drug management and endocrine (hormonal systems) medicines. The medical history and health of all MHR Clinic clients is reviewed by Dr Abbas before they undertake medical or surgical hair restoration. Dr Abbas’ meticulous screening processes and superior knowledge of drug treatments and programmes ensure all clients receive the best clinical and medical advice the industry can offer them. Kamran is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and therefore, is befittingly responsible for the medical safety of all MHR Clinic’s patients. In his own words, he joined MHR Clinic because “the company treats client care as paramount and enjoys a reputation for achieving unsurpassed results through high-quality surgical procedures and medical treatments. ”

Cora-Jay Maddock,
Clinic Director

Cora oversees all back of house responsibilities for each of MHR Clinic’s outlets, dealing with every business and administrative need they have. She takes care of MHR Clinic accounts, oversees payroll and ensures our practices are fully stocked with medicines, lotions and all other items they need. She organises employee and client travel, all our events and every further important aspect of our commercial affairs. Having been with the business since 2017 she understands each working aspect of MHR Clinic and nothing escapes her attention. She is dependable, trustworthy and a general dream to work with. Every company needs a Cora to succeed and it may be a cliché, but she is the glue which holds MHR Clinic together.

Annabelle Henton,
Surgery Liaison Manager

Annabelle is MHR Clinic’s surgery liaison manager and looks after all client needs before, during and after their FUE procedure. This ensures they are fully prepared for the surgery with regard to diary arrangements, pre-operative matters, surgery protocols, post-operative care and related paperwork. She accompanies each of our clients on the day of their procedure at MHR Manchester. Nothing is too much trouble for Annabelle in making hair transplants a hassle-free affair. Clients find her attentive, accommodating and efficient. Prior to working at MHR Clinic, Annabelle worked as a qualified hairstylist at one of Yorkshire’s leading salons.

Sarah Tibbenham,
Senior Consultant

Sarah is an informative and friendly point of contact for clients undertaking or just considering restoring their hair at MHR Clinic Manchester. She places immense value on educating clients about the reasons for their hair loss, and the best treatment options for them. She devises bespoke programmes that deliver the best results for each individual. Her knowledge and helpful manner ensure clients feel safe and supported throughout their hair restoration journey. She liaises closely with our surgeons and technicians so they are fully briefed about each client’s needs. Sarah is waiting to help you get started with a friendly smile.

Dean Watson
Senior Consultant

Dean is passionate about helping clients achieve the positive life changing results they want from their hair restoration journey. His friendly and empathetic approach to consultations is carried through to client aftercare, so they feel they always have reliable support and professional advice around their choices. Dean has developed an extensive knowledge around hair loss, and the different methods of treating it. His enthusiasm for his role and his clients’ satisfaction shines through in everything he does at MHR Clinic. With a career spent in customer-facing roles, his standards of care leave nothing wanting for clients who feel valued in his safe hands.

Mark Whitemore,
Consultant, Harrogate

A dynamic & professional consultant based at Harrogate. A larger-than-life character who always puts his clients at ease with his honest approach and a big smile.

Coupled with his extensive knowledge he will advise you on which treatment will get the very best results. A former professional Sportsman and a Leading health expert, Mark brings his dedication and drive to make sure all of our clients stay on course to achieve great success!

Bethan Lee,
Front of House Manchester

Bethan keeps our front of house operations running smoothly, to ensure every client receives exceptional customer service at MHR Clinic Manchester. Her personable nature guarantees all who visit feel welcome from the moment they step inside our clinic. Driven by client satisfaction, Bethan is attentive and efficient in the way she works. Her training at The Northern Ballet School taught her excellent discipline and attention to detail. Bethan’s qualifications and experience from the beauty industry help her to appreciate the needs and desires of clients who want to improve their looks and confidence with a thick head of hair.

Jodie Downie
Front of House Manchester

Jodie is very approachable, she helps clients feel at ease with her caring nature when they come into the clinic. Previously working at BMW as a receptionist for 4 years she has gained the experience for the front of house role at MHR Clinic

She joined MHR because she wanted to work in a more clinical environment but also to build that one-to-one relationship with clients and watch them progress on their journey with the company.


Lewis Grady,
Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

Lewis Grady is a qualified SMP expert with more than five years’ experience in practice. He is a leader in his field, runs his own SMP training academy and holds regular masterclasses for new and experienced practitioners wishing to improve their skills. Recognised globally for his ultra-realistic results, Lewis specialises in SMP shaved effect styling, densification for thinning hair, trauma and transplant scar coverage, and facial micropigmentation for beards. He uses the best products for optimum results and takes in delivering a service which makes clients feel comfortable from the moment they meet him.

Helena Fryer,
Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

Helena Fryer is a qualified SMP expert with five years’ experience in practice. She is a leader in the field of SMP for medical purposes, having helped hundreds of male and female clients successfully camouflage a range of alopecia conditions as well as hair transplant scars from substandard procedures. Helena is sought-after for her trademark techniques which create natural hair effects with softer hairlines and more realistic coverage than most practitioners in her field. She is attentive in consultation and meticulous in practice to ensure every client achieves the right SMP effect for them. 

David Charles, SRH MBRCP,
Consultant Trichologist

David is one of the UK’s leading trichologists and has more than 30 years of experience treating and curing scalp and hair disorders. He is a Master Biosthetician, qualified member of The Institute of Biosthetics, La Biosthetique International Microscopie Group and the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners. David holds advanced diplomas in hair science, microscopy and microanalysis. His experience and expertise is invaluable to MHR Clinic when patients present cases of alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, telogen effluvium, seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, scaling, flaking and itching scalps as well as hair breakage and damage.