My hair was getting thinner and thinner and I didn’t know what to do, I’d been to the doctors and didn’t have a thyroid problem or zinc deficiency. I tried shampoos and shop bought products but no change. Then I started to follow MHR on Instagram and was impressed by the results in the pictures. I went along to the Manchester (Rostherne) MHR and spoke to Sarah and decided to sign up for the 8 month course. This involved herbal tablets and applying Minoxidil daily and laser treatment fortnightly for 40 mins. It is such a relaxing experience. Bethan makes sure you have tea or coffee and takes care of putting the machine on and follow up appointments. She always has a welcoming smile. There are TVs in the rooms and free WIFI. You can’t feel the laser , no heat, no discomfort. Dean did regular consultations to check my progress and little by little it started to thicken, then new growth. It got shiny. My work colleagues noticed it first, then my hairdresser. I’m very happy with the results and although my course is finished I can contine with the products to maintain the growth. Women are affected with hairloss too and this solution works and can change your life. Thank you to all the team, it has been a pleasure meeting everyone at MHR.