MHR Clinic Reopens for FUE Hair Transplants after a Year of Lockdown


MHR Clinic CEO Craig Henton reveals the quiet work that has been ongoing to refurbish MHR Clinic’s surgery room.

With MHR Clinic’s surgical practice now fully refurbished, FUE procedures are already underway in our Manchester hair transplant clinic.

In plucking the opportunity from the problems of 2020, we set about a full renovation of our surgery room while the nation faced its own challenges. The finishing touches were put to it last month.

Our new operating theatre for minimally-invasive FUE was ergonomically designed to help our surgeons and technicians carry out their work with greater efficiency and to even higher standards than previously offered.

We set out with the goal of creating quality in simplicity and the UK’s Care Quality Commission’s response was quick in acknowledging our fresh, intelligent arrangement of surgical technology. 

When awarding it CQC registration and in conversations with our practice directors, executives from the Care Quality Commission commended MHR for its judicious practicality, rigid compliance and ease of health and hygiene maintenance in revamping our Knutsford-based clinic.

With all the fine detail in place at Cherry Tree Farm, and suitable fervour among MHR’s medical and clinical staff, we have begun to introduce our hair transplant patients to our new state-of-the-art theatre – now that the UK’s circuit breaker lockdown has been lifted.

Their response has been overwhelming. We’re delighted. So good it has been, in fact, that several attempted to manufacture reasons for a second hair transplant, just to experience our new surgery’s full effect. 

Needless to say MHR’s professionalism stood strong in the face of such avid persuasion.

Upon seeing our new facilities, MHR client and operations director Tom Webb described our new surgery room as “a work of art” and “a level of quality only MHR aspires to and delivers.”

Tom told us: “MHR Clinic has excelled itself in the design and fabrication of its newly renovated surgical theatre. 

“Everything is a work of art, from the technicians’ follicle division stations to the cold follicle storage housing and ultra-bright surgery space. It seems no expense has been spared.

“While MHR has always led the way within the hair transplant industry, it has now surpassed itself with a level of quality only it aspires to and delivers.”

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Vikas Kunnure, who has worked in many of the country’s leading hair transplant practices, vetted the new hair transplant theatre first hand. He described it as possessing “unmatched intelligent design, compared to other hair transplant clinics across the UK.”

He told our marketing staff: “While everything put in place offers an impressive level of technology and quality, the refurbished surgery retains the kind of logic and simplicity in design that surgeons need to do their best work.”

Words like these are the reason all of our staff get up every day and come to work at MHR with broad smiles on their faces.

To expand on our staff and clients’ enthusiasm further we thought we’d share some insight into how our new surgery now looks.

The following photos and thoughts are offered so you can share in our enjoyment and understand the balance which exists between advanced surgical know-how and logical clinical design at MHR Clinic.


If you would like more information about hair transplants and maintaining a healthy head of hair, please contact MHR Clinic on 01565 745 344 or reach out to us with contact through this website.