Adam - MHR Clinic
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About This Treatment

“When I met Craig, he filled me with confidence from the start, there was no hard sell just sound advice.
I decided to take an opportunity to have my first hair surgery. I was obviously nervous and a bit apprehensive at first but the entire process was expertly laid out and talked through with me which filled me with confidence that I was in good hands with MHR.”

“The procedure itself was nowhere near as scary or as daunting as I had imagined, I was back home the same evening. My hair healed in under 2 weeks and it was not at all obvious I had anything done, I returned back to work almost immediately.
Over the course of the following months, i have seen my hairline come through, its quite incredible. It was always a huge issue for me, I was always without fail conscious of my hair. I rarely think about it now which I think is a huge testament to the quality of the procedure. I would say my self-confidence has most definitely improved. I would, and have recommended Craig and MHR to anyone who feels in a similar way about their hair to the way I did.
I keep up a good relationship with them now and they continue to be there for me and support me with products and maintenance of my hair.”

FUE Single Hair/Graft Implants, Low Level Laser Therapy, Specialised Prescription Medication