David C - MHR Clinic
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David C

FUE Single Hair/Graft Implants, Low Level Laser Therapy, Specialised Prescription Medication
About This Treatment

David’s testimonial:

I didn’t think it would possible to get my hair back, let alone that it would be so easy – until I spoke to Craig at MHR.

I started losing my hair a few years ago, but didn’t do anything about it at first. After hearing about MHR, I visited Craig who is also the consultant for Ryan Giggs and Michael Vaughan and he advised me to start a course of specialised laser and bespoke medication. Within only a few months my hair became noticeably thicker especially in the thinner areas.

Although extremely happy with the results I had already lost my frontal hair line before I started laser treatment and the only way to get this back was a transplant. “I had been advised already that the laser and medication was to help to stabilise the existing hairs, and so needing implants on my hairline, these would work together in harmony to give a better effect. I didn’t want to have visible scarring from treatment so the FUE technique that Craig advised through their head surgeon gave fantastic natural results.

I haven’t looked back since, I now have my hairline back along with more volume on top from the laser treatment. It has turned out to be the best decision I have made when it comes to my appearance. Having the treatment was a personal decision and was about how I felt inside and out. I now feel much better about myself and am delighted with the way my hair looks and the process is second to none.

From a discreet, knowledgeable and understanding consultation with Craig in a very easy to get to location in Cheshire I felt and still do that I was in the best of hands from day one.