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Undo damage done to hair by stress, alcohol & poor sleep patterns


THE lockdown period needed to control coronavirus in the UK will have taken its toll on people in different ways. But it will also have affected many people in the same way.

The stress of isolation, increased alcohol intake and bouts of sleeplessness will have had a damaging effect on hair. Combined, they are a recipe for poor hair health.

If you’ve noticed any deterioration in your skin and nails in recent weeks, you can be sure your hair has suffered too.

And with no sign of Britain’s hair salons opening just yet, it is important we look for other ways to help our hair back into shape.

Stress Levels

Stress pushes hair follicles into a resting phase. A person undergoing a period of stress produces fewer hair strands from each follicle. Over time, hair falls out more readily.

Anxiety can also often lead to an unconscious scratching of the scalp, which can do further damage to individual follicles.

Lack of Sleep

The first knock on effect of stress is sleeplessness. Restless nights prevent the body reaching periods of recovery and repair. Protein protection cannot fully occur without a sound night’s sleep.

The amino acids that make up our body’s proteins are essential for producing the neuro-hormone melatonin, proven to stimulate growth in human hair follicles. Disruption to its production can cause hair to enter a resting period.

Alcohol Intake

Excessive alcohol intake damages to the health of our hair. The dehydration caused by drinking alcohol turns hair dry and brittle, making hair more likely to fall out.

Alcohol strips the body of nutrients for hair health, such as Zinc and Iron. It also increases acidity in our bodies which we rebalance by drawing on keratin protein, otherwise essential for hair growth.

MHR Clinic provides the industry’s most holistic approach to hair restoration and hair health. Its provision of products to maintain optimum hair health is unmatched. Here are five hair products recommended by MHR Clinic to rectify damage done to hair production by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital

This ampoule treatment rapidly restores hair quality and creates conditions for good healthy hair growth. It balances trace elements, minerals and vitamin deficiencies – including zinc and copper gluconates – and generates healthy and full hair by supplying hair roots with rich nutrients.


Restoring a regular and healthy sleep pattern helps the production of healthy hair from active follicles and P5P is a coenzyme that regulates mood, metabolism and sleep. It also contains vitamin B6 which creates red blood cells for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin plays an important role in the health of hair, skin, and nails. It improves our body’s keratin infrastructure. Each capsule in these supplements provides a full 500µg of biotin, enough to sustain healthy hair growth and counteract any depletion of keratin caused by alcohol consumption.

Biosthetique Shampooing Lipokerine B

This rehydrating shampoo contiains Active ethyl panthenol to provide valuable moisture for dry scalps and brittle hair. Fine plant lipo amino acids in this gentle cleanser also nourish hair to restore shine and softness.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc (Citrate) supplements boost protein and cell production. They’re essential for hair cell growth. We derive most of our zinc from high-protein foods. However, after the strains of lockdown we’re recommending clients increase their zinc intake to recover any loss of healthy hair production.