What age is too young for a hair transplant?


 MHR Clinic Manchester’s Craig Henton explains why a fully mature hairline is vital for FUE.   


The average age of men asking for hair transplants has fallen since we launched our first FUE clinic in Manchester in 2016. We have noticed a spike in young gentlemen asking what age is too young for a hair transplant?

Aesthetic surgical procedures such as hair transplants are an increasingly big draw for younger people.

After recent consultations with young men who feel distressed by their hair loss, MHR saw the importance of explaining what age is too young for a hair transplant, and why.

Young Men hair loss
Young Men hair loss

We appreciate the pressures young men face from social media and celebrity. It is understandable why this generation of young men are more image conscious than many before them.

From their teens to their 30s, the more modern man’s thirst to look and feel good remains unquenched. And the trend continues.

Our hair restoration clinics in Harrogate and Manchester see many young men battling hair loss.

The clinics also note how hair loss has become an increasingly traumatic experience for young men.

They consult with young men experiencing hair loss every day. Many exhibit anxiety over the effect of hair loss on their image, confidence, relationships or career.

It’s fair to say some of these young men are among the most distressed clients that we see, and help.

Some insist they want a hair transplant. But FUE surgery is an option for very few men under the age of 25.

Men can experience androgenetic hair loss in my 20s, and even late teens. We often see men who do.

Those who recede in their early-20s and younger are still in the process of developing their mature hairline. At that age they retain traits of a hairline from their youth, which can last until a person’s mid-20s.

Hair transplants are permanent procedures. A new hairline must look natural at 25 and 65 years-old ensuring how a hair transplant lasts is vital.

Any transplanted follicle must be placed to match the final shape of a mature man’s hairline. This is how the best hair restoration results are produced and your long-lasting hair transplant results are shown.

The flatter hairline of youth, further forward on a young man’s forehead, all recedes in time.

Follicles placed according to the contour of a youthful hairline can cause isolated problems when a new hairline emerges behind them.

Maintaining it and a full head of hair behind it would be both unnatural and impossible no matter the age of the person receiving the hair transplant procedure.

The finite number of follicles from donor areas, on the back and sides of a head, must provide density for all of the scalp, for a lifetime. They should be saved for placement into a mature hair pattern.

In the meantime, for men who suffer from hair loss early in life, there are programmes which can restore a full head of hair.

Advanced medical programmes ably restore hair density in men under 25.

MHR Clinic provides comprehensive programmes to tackle hair loss in younger men.

We combine leading class LLLT machines with a bespoke pharmaceutical-grade minoxidil lotion, measured amounts of DHT-inhibitor and a health supplement plan.

Hair transplants can come later, if needed. Often they’re not.

If you’re a young man battling hair loss and would like to talk to an expert about restoring a full head of hair, talk to MHR Clinic today on 01565 745 344 or reach out to us with contact through this website.