Dreaming about hair falling out

MHR Clinic Harrogate’s Senior Consultant Donna Tweedale looks into the meaning of dreams about hair falling out and the impacts it can have on you and hair loss.

Dreaming and dreams are a figment of life. Through our sleeping hours, they reveal insight into the dynamics that are influencing our daily lives. 

Among the myriad of different dreams we have, interpreting the meaning of common dreams is a source of fascination for dream analysis experts and psychologists.

Dreaming about hair falling out is one dream that many people experience and receives great scrutiny.

It leaves many people with the question of what does a dream about going bald might mean to us depends on our particular circumstances, culture and ongoing life experiences.

Here are the seven most significant interpretations on dreams about hair falling out, curated from the work of researchers in the field of dreams and dreaming.  


The most shared understanding of a dream about hair falling out is that we are afraid of ageing. Losing hair is our most visible sign of growing old. Dreams of hair falling out occur most frequently as we approach landmark birthdays, or adulthood or a new phase of life. They are most commonly experienced by those who resist those milestones and are most afraid of ageing.


Luscious, shiny and soft hair is a symbol of health in every culture. If we dream about losing hair it may be a clear warning from our unconscious mind that our body is not as healthy as it should be. Whether a nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance or a more serious underlying health problem, a dream about losing hair may be a timely reminder that a health issue needs to be addressed. 


According to experts, we are more likely to dream of going bald when our confidence is low. For many people hair symbolises popularity, security and status. But thinking badly of ourselves during periods of low self-worth can manifest in a dream of going bald. Dreaming about losing hair is us tapping into feelings of vulnerability and insecurity associated with falling self-esteem. 


A thick and full head of hair is seen as a sign of vitality and desirability in many cultures. As our hair thins we’re no longer considered conventionally attractive. Dreams of hair falling out can represent a fear of losing our sex appeal and sexual potency. Dreams of hair falling out often occur when we gain weight, have an illness or go through difficult times that make us feel less attractive.


A dream of going bald can suggest life changes are afoot, or we are about to undergo a personal transformation. Starting new jobs, going back to school, getting married, having a child, moving home, getting divorced and other anxiety-inducing life events can create so much turbulent transformation in our lives fear that we see ourselves going bald in dreams.


Often considered a symbol of strength and power, hair falling out in a dream represents the reverse. Powerlessness and helplessness experienced in difficult domestic and professional situations often leads to dreams of hair falling out. But just as a hair loss dream reflects losing control in life, taking back control of a situation puts an end to experiencing dreams of going bald. 


Dreams about hair loss may just be the result of plain old stress. Stress itself can be a cause of three types of hair loss. But when we feel irritated or anxious we are more likely to dream about hair loss too, psychologists say. When we experience a dream about hair falling out it may be time to identify and tackle a source of stress or undertake relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

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