Paul - MHR Clinic
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About This Treatment

When Paul first visited MHR Clinic, we advised against the FUE implant process, as the area available to take hair from was very low in volume. We also advised against hair replacement as the sides and back were very thin.

We advised that the results from low-level laser therapy, alongside a prescription and bespoke herbal medication may be minimal, due to lack of original growth – as well as to ensure that we didn’t elevate expectations beyond what we could deliver – but our client wanted to try what he could.
Paul is now in a position where the area of hair has grown significantly, and will continue to for up to another year. This means we can now add a limited number of FUE implants onto the hairline to give the best visual effect possible.
Bespoke Herbal Medication, Low Level Laser Therapy, Specialised Prescription Medication